Here at Great Rated!, we always keep an eye out for innovative ideas on creating better workplaces and recruiting great people to join them. Here are a handful of recent stories that caught our eye:

This Oregon Restaurant Just Gave Its Workers Paid Parental Leave

Laughing Planet, a chain of 14 casual restaurants in Oregon and Nevada, recently decided to give its employees three months of paid parental leave in a move nearly unheard-of in the world of food service. Its CEO told Bloomberg, that not only was it the right thing to do, but it would likely cost less than hiring and training replacements for mothers quitting to care for their newborns.

Laughing Planet isn't the only company doing that math. Employees can take up to six weeks of parental leave at fellow Oregon business Ruby Receptionists, which coincidentally received a $38 million capital investment last month.

10 Actionable Ways to Actually Increase Diversity in Tech

Fast Company offers some solid advice on how company culture, buy-in from leadership and countering unconscious biases can produce measurable changes in workplace diversity. Hiring managers can also learn from the best practices of diverse Great Rated! tech companies like Ultimate Software.

Our Hiring Process is Broken. Can a Hackathon Fix It?

A writer on Medium chronicles a novel experiment in hiring: Gathering teams of potential employees, letting them work together over the course of a weekend and seeing what happens. In the process, the author also contemplates innovations in hiring at places like Google, whose workplace you can read more about here.